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Private & professional psychological therapies for mental health problems & life’s challenges.

Tranceform Psychology has been offering psychological therapy and applied psychology services to the general public since 2009 and incorporates the private practices of Paul Lee MSc and Joan Lee D. Hyp.

If you have mental health problems that you’d like to overcome, or want to make significant and lasting changes to your current life circumstances, then why not get in touch to arrange a FREE initial consultation with us.

Tranceform offers Psychological Therapy, Life Coaching and Wellness Services from our offices in Wombourne, South Staffordshire near Wolverhampton as well as Online Therapy and Self-help CBT Courses.

Psychological Therapists at Tranceform Psychology

“The way we experience our lives is largely determined by the meanings that we attribute to our experiences.

By changing the fundamental ways in which we make sense of our own reality we can completely change the way that we feel.”

Paul Lee BSc. MSc.

Do You Have a Psychological Problem?

Most people have a pretty good sense of how they feel and if there is something wrong, but there are also five reasonably good indicators that you may be experiencing some sort of mental health problem.

  1. Feeling anxious and worrying a lot
  2. Prolonged sadness & irritability
  3. Signifcant changes in your mood
  4. Withdrawing from social activity
  5. Changes in eating or sleeping patterns

If you’re experiencing any or all of these symptoms or you want to find out more about our psychological therapy services, then why not get in touch to arrange a free initial consultation with us.

You can also take one of the standard psychological Anxiety or Depression tests that are used throughout the NHS mental health services.

Find out more about mental health problems, what they are and what you can do about them here.

GAD7 anxiety psychological therapy test - young man with anxiety

GAD7 Anxiety Test

Find out if you’re experiencing the symptoms of anxiety by taking the Generalised Anxiety Disorder test (GAD7) here.

PHQ9 psychological therapy test for Depression - subdued image of man with umbrella

PHQ9 Depression Test

Find out if you’re experiencing the symptoms of depression by taking the Personal Health Questionnaire (PHQ9) here.

Common Psychological Problems We Can Help

Full List of Problems Helped

Psychological therapy, psychotherapy and counselling are clinically proven to be effective for dealing with mental health problems.

Types of Psychological Therapy Available

More About Psychological Therapy

We offer a wide range of different psychological therapies and mental health counselling to suit your preferences.

What Clients Say About Tranceform

psychological therapy reviews - it consultant paul

Mr. Paul - IT Consultant - Depression

“Wow, What a journey! I am a new improved person. I love myself and my life. 

Thanks Paul I cannot put it into words how Grateful I am, and my Wife and Kids are now happier as they have a better person in their life.”

psychological therapy reviews - NHS HR Director Alice McGee

Alice McGee Director of HR Black Country NHS CCGs

“In 2018 we trialled the Thriving at Work psychological training programme in two ways: small group introductions and one to one attendance on the 10 week programme.

We could not have predicted the phenomenal response to this programme and the positive impact it has had for our staff and our organisation.”

psychological therapy reviews - financial advisor Claire

Claire - Financial Advisor - Anxiety

“I cannot recommend Paul & Tranceform Psychology enough, he is a person who keeps you focused throughout and believes that you will learn how to Thrive. 

I am so happy to say that I AM Thriving and making a difference to how I want to lead my life. 

What can I say, thank you for everything!”

More Testimonials

Read more client testimonials here.

Tranceform Psychology People

Paul Lee BSc. (Hons) MSc. (Dist) MIAEBP

Paul Lee BSc. (Hons) MSc. (Dist) MIAEBP

Managing Director

Paul is an expert academic applied psychologist who has been working to improve the effectiveness of psychological therapy by emphasising the role that the client has in producing a good outcome.

With more than 30 years working in the field, Paul holds a BSc. (Hons) as well as a Master’s Degree MSc. in Applied Psychology and is also a professional CBT practitioner and author.

Read about Paul here.

Joan Lee D. Hyp. MIAEBP

Joan Lee D. Hyp. MIAEBP

Director of Hypnotherapy & Wellness

Joan has been a psychotherapist since 2011 having gained her diploma with the International Association of Pure Hypnoanalysts and continues to offer psychological therapy in the form of Hypnotherapy.

She is currently studying for her undergraduate degree in Psychology and Mental Health Counselling (BPS approved) as well as working with Steve Roehm in Advanced Conversational Hypnotherapy.

Read about Joan here.

More About Tranceform Psychology

Find out more about Tranceform, our working hours, our psychological philosophy and much more.

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