Be more mindful.

Humans beings are the only species to suffer with anxiety.

Although animals experience fear, they don’t get anxious because they spend their lives in the present moment.

A dog doesn’t ruminate over the mistakes it made in the past, or get worried about how things will be in the future.

Being more mindful and present is a key way that we can reduce stress and anxiety, since so often anxiety is about worries about the past or future.

The skills and resources Thrive™ helps to teach you can enhance mindfulness, helping you to start to pay attention to the present moment and enjoy it for what it is.

Inner Resources. 

Whether you realise it now or not, you’ve already overcome a lot.

Being born (physically very demanding!), learning to walk, learning to talk; these are all quite amazing things when you think about it.

Subconsciously you’ve also taken on board a lot of information, whether you know it consciously or not; things you’ve learned from other people, insights you’ve gained and difficulties you’ve overcome.

Thrive™ can help you to tune into all these abilities and learnings and help you to use them for good in other situations in your life, so that you feel more confident, resilient and calm.

Mental Rehearsal.

When we think about an event that we’re worried or fearful about, what usually happens?

Most people with anxiety will imagine things going wrong; they’ll imagine disaster striking, or some major embarrassment or catastrophe; they’ll become stressed.

By doing this, they are reinforcing the fear in their own minds.

Thrive™ teaches us to do the opposite by mentally rehearsing the event going well and imagining how calm and smoothly things go.

This helps to persuade ourselves that things can go well and the result is that we can feel much more relaxed and confident when we need to think about things.

And of course, practice makes this a very powerful tool.

Let go of the past.

Anxious thoughts and feelings can often be the result of things from our past.

Perhaps you went through a stressful time when you were younger.

Maybe a parent was very anxious or worried and you copied them.

Whatever it was, if you can learn something, you can unlearn it.

Thrive™ can help you to reprogramme your mind so that can learn helpful and healthy was of responding, without anxiety.

Accept your feelings.

Have you heard of the phrase ‘what you resist, persists’?

Sometimes when we really fight against anxiety, it strengthens it all the more.

Thrive™ can help you to learn to accept that sometimes anxious feeling may arise, but that they are nothing you can’t cope with and the feeling will pass.

Remaining calm, maintaining a realistic perspective and most importantly, feeling powerful and in control is what thriving is all about, after all.