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Tranceform is a Private limited company offering mental health counselling, personal development psychology and therapy solutions to private clients in the West Midlands area as well as Globally using Zoom.

We are also an approved supplier of stress management and psychological services to the NHS Black Country and West Birmingham Clinical Commissioning Groups whom we have been working with since early 2018.

We have an excellent reputation and pride ourselves on the very highest levels of quality and service.

Paul Lee, our managing director is a bachelor of science honours graduate (BSc Hons) as well as a Master of Psychology (MSc), originally qualified as an analytical therapist with the IAH back in 1988 and now focuses on helping people using CBT in the form of our Tranceformental CBT programme which is available face-to-face or On-line.

Joan Lee is a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist specialising in Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) and was trained by Terence Watts of the Essex Institute.

She also originally trained as an analytical therapist with the IAH and has recently undergone further training in Conscious Analytical Therapy, or CAT and is currently an undergraduate with the OU studying for her BPS approved BSc in Counselling and Psychology.

Formed in May 2013 (although originally trading since 2009), Tranceform is a business dedicated to providing effective Psychology, Mental Health Counselling and Psychotherapy services to individuals and businesses in the West Midlands area.

Our company number is 8536576 and we are registered at Companies House in England and Wales.

Professional Psychology, Psychotherapy & Coaching

Our principal area of work is in providing effective mental health counselling and coaching to help people overcome problems, limiting beliefs and paradigms in both the personal and business spheres.

By learning how to manage our own thinking more effectively in any given situation, we can be much more successful in any of our endeavours and aspirations.

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2021 Celebrating 12 Years of Mental Health Counselling in the West Midlands, Staffordshire & Shropshire.

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