Fees & Payment Options

Free Initial Consultations

We offer ALL prospective clients a FREE Initial Consultation to discuss your particular issues before committing to any further sessions or treatment.

We believe that you should be able to make an “informed” decision before you make any further financial or personal commitment.

We accept payments for any mental health counselling course or programme using our PayPal facility which offers the highest level of security to purchasers.

We also accept cash which you pay at the commencement of any course or session.

Sorry, we do not accept payment by cheque.

Programme Fees

Tranceformental CBT Programme (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Our 10 session course of applied psychology combined with CBT costs £795 – single sessions cost £90 – Paul – in clinic and Online

Psychoanalysis – single sessions £90 – 10 session course £795.  In general terms, Psychoanalytic therapies usually require 20 – 30 sessions – Paul – in clinic only

Counselling – single sessions £90 – 10 session course £795 – Counselling services are more general in application and so the number of sessions is normally dependent on how the client feels as it progresses – Paul & Joan – online with Paul

Brain Working Recursive Therapy – single sessions £90 – Terence Watts’s neuroscience based BWRT has been effective over just one session, but is most effective when delivered over approx 3 sessions – Joan – in clinic only

Conscious Analytical Therapy – £90 per session – 10 session course £795 – Joan – in clinic only

Hypnotherapy – single sessions £90 – 6 session course £480 – Joan – in clinic only

Joan’s Complete Wellness Programme – A blend of hypnotherapy, meditation and mindfulness techniques for overall wellness – 4 session course – £300 – Joan – in clinic only

Book an Initial Assessment

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Course Payments

Please note that we process all of our Payments using our original PayPal account ‘Wolverhampton Hypnotherapy’ rather than ‘Tranceform’.


Make a general or single session payment to TranceForm

This button allows you to make a payment of any amount which we may offer you – simply add the amount to pay after clicking the button.

Bank Transfers

We can also accept payments by bank transfer. Please ask us for details at your initial consultation.

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