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Making Contact

We’d love to help you overcome your mental health problems or make improvements in your life using one of our range of evidence-based interventions, but please be aware that we cannot arrange appointments for people on somebody else’s behalf.

We totally understand that people may want their partner, relative or friend to overcome a mental health problem, but experience shows in the vast majority of cases that if the person with the problem does not directly seek help THEMSELVES then they will frequently not attend an appointment made for them by somebody else who thinks they are ‘helping them’.

The most common reason for this is that the person contacting us wants their partner, relative or friend to solve their particular problem MORE than the person who actually has the problem!

psychologist paul lee in the wombourne clinic

It doesn’t matter how much you may want them to solve their problem, a central tenet of the effectiveness of any counselling intervention is that the person in question really wants to solve the problem for themselves and gets in touch.


If you are concerned about a partner, relative or friend please encourage them to contact us directly, our Initial Consultation is FREE and lasts around 50 minutes.

We hope you understand why this is necessary and thank you.

Paul Lee BSc. MSc. – Senior Partner

Tranceformental CBT course on a PC screen

Overcome Your Problems with our CBT Course

Our 10 session course of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is clinically proven to be effective across a range of different psychological problems.

Using an online learning platform, it is available with 2, 5 or 10 sessions of clinical support either face-to-face in the Wombourne offices, or using Zoom video facilities.

It can also be taken as a self help CBT course that will teach you the fundamental tools and techniques used throughout the mental health profession.

Get in Touch

Psychotherapist Paul Lee in Wombourne Clinic

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Tel: 07434 776125


Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist Joan Lee in Wombourne Clinic

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Tel: 07434 776504


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Tel: 07931 517241


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