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The Tranceform Psychology Private Therapy Clinic Wolverhampton, West Midlands.

These days many more people search for private therapy clinics to find psychological therapy with a wide range of problems.

The reasons for this are varied and may be due to the need for privacy or because the current NHS waiting lists can be quite long.

Clients tell us that the quality of service and more focused approach on outcomes is often much better at private therapy clinics with many people who have experienced NHS counselling reporting that the experience is highly ‘impersonal’, somewhat ‘mechanical’ and is often perceived to be more about meeting ‘mental healthcare delivery targets’ than in the recipient overcoming their problem.

Psychologists and counsellors working in private therapy practices tend to be more ‘engaged’ with their clients with a greater emphasis on the therapeutic relationship than often experienced in other sectors.

Client and therapist in a private therapy clinic

Is Private Therapy Expensive?

The cost of any private therapy product or service is always open to the personal perceptions of ‘cost versus value’ and is different for everybody.

This is often dependent on factors such as (a) how long you have had your ‘problem’, (b) how much impact the problem is having on your day-to-day life, (c) the level of funds you have available to expend on solving the problem.

The biggest problem experienced in the private therapy sector in the UK is that in most cases, people have an expectation that the NHS has a ‘duty’ to ‘make them better’ and that the cost should be ‘free’ as with other healthcare services.

This ‘problem’ tends not to exist in those countries where healthcare is not provided free (for example the USA) and most people living in these countries have, or have to obtain, private medical insurance.

Anybody who has ever had to have medical treatment in the USA (paid for by holiday insurance for example) will know that the costs there can be astronomical with room and bed costs often costing $1,000 per day!

So, by comparison, private therapy costs in the UK tend to be much more reasonable (unless you absolutely demand ‘Harley Street’ in which case expect US level pricing!) and, for the most part, generally affordable.

Here at Tranceform Psychology our average hourly rate is £90 and therapy usually requires a session once per week.

Does Private Therapy Mean Better Quality?

In many cases, therapists entering the private therapy sector have originally come from the NHS and so have had more or less the same level of training as those entering private therapy clinics directly.

In our opinion, we believe that overall the quality of mental healthcare services in both the public and private therapy sectors are equally high and so in many cases the choice of public or private therapy will come down to personal preference and choice.

One area where private clinics DO seem to offer more is in waiting times and clinic opening times.

Tranceform, for example, open on Saturdays (Binder on Sundays) as well as four late evenings during the week.

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It can also be taken as a self help CBT course that will teach you the fundamental tools and techniques used throughout the mental health profession.


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