Hypno-Band Weight Loss Programme

Joan helped us lose weight with Hypno-Band

Earlier this year my friend and I went to see Joan about having the Hypno-Band.

We were very sceptical about hypnosis and Joan put us totally at ease, she is a lovely lady and explained everything really well.

We went for 4 sessions and by the end of that we’d both lost nearly 1 stone, we’ve continued to listen to the Cd’s she gave us and I have now lost nearly 2 stone and my friend has lost 3 stone!

We are thrilled with the results and would tell anyone wanting to lose weight to give it a try.

You might think it’s quite costly but when you think how much money you pay to go to a slimming club it is a lot cheaper to go to Joan, and the results are so much better and last longer.

It’s a life change and Joan seems to get that into your head.

We would recommend her to anyone.

Carol and Amanda

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