Lucy Learns How to Thrive

Lucy Learns How to Thrive

Finding Happiness.. at last!I arrived at Tranceform Psychology for my initial consultation not knowing what to expect but determined that I was going to change my life.I had paid out hundreds of pounds for counselling (in the past) and expected that to change who I...

Gareth is Thriving

Well where do I start… I first contacted Paul after my girlfriend had completed the Thrive Programme with him for her Emetophobia. Watching the transformation in her was truly amazing, so I thought I would buy the book and work through it myself. The reason for this,...

Health Anxiety Testimonial

Health Anxiety Overcome with Thrive Programme May 2018 – Ms. L I have suffered from anxiety and depression since my early teens. I have tried antidepressants on and off during these times but they have never really worked for me most of the time making me more...


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