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Tranceformental CBT Programme

Tranceform’s Own Fundamental Beliefs Restructuring Programme Based on CBT

The Tranceformental CBT programme builds upon the proven, evidence-based foundations of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy by adopting a set of additional protocols that tackle the underlying reasons WHY a person might develop unhelpful cognition.

When following a course of ‘conventional’ CBT the therapist and client spend most of the sessions examining ‘thoughts’ that lead to certain ’emotions’ or ‘behaviours’. This is one of the central pillars of CBT, that thoughts CREATE emotions.

Much of the ‘work’ therefore focuses on ‘changing thoughts’ to produce different emotions, or emotional outcomes. Research evidence has suggested that this cognition-focused approach does produce quick results, but that over the long term, unhelpful thoughts and cognition can ‘creep’ back into the mind leading to the production of old symptoms.

It is our assertion that the reason for the ‘short-lived’ effects of conventional CBT approaches is that the REASON for the unhelpful thoughts has not been tackled.

The Coherence of ‘Unhelpful’ Thoughts

People generally do not create unhelpful thoughts without there being, at some level, a logical and coherent reason for doing so, even if the situation that demanded that ‘thought’ was many years ago and within a very specific set of circumstances.

Many coping skills and strategies that are derived from early (childhood for example) experiences may have been relevant, useful and appropriate at the time, but are unlikely to be quite so helpful many years later!

The Restructuring Beliefs Rationale

If we really want to make long-lasting changes to our unhelpful thoughts and cognition then we need to tackle the underlying beliefs that created the coherence of those thoughts and, in so doing, eliminate the rationale for those thoughts in the first place.

This is the approach taken in our Tranceformental CBT programme.

The Hierarchy of Beliefs

Conventional CBT approaches focus almost exclusively on the middle level (thoughts and cognition) with the aim of changing those thoughts through the use of various techniques designed to address the logic, or not, of any particular thought.

The Tranceformental CBT programme begins by developing an understanding of the more fundamental, underlying ‘belief systems’ and ‘core values’ that each person has and then moves onto how those beliefs have ‘led directly’ to the production of unhelpful thoughts and outcomes.

The Existential Domains of Experience

Our core beliefs and value can be characterised within just three essential experiential area, what are known as the INTRAPERSONAL, INTERPERSONAL & CONTEXTUAL domains.

These three domains ‘capture’ all of our life experiences and have a very strong, correlation relationship with each other. What this means is that each domain directly affects the other two domains, and so on for each area.

In brief, these domains contain beliefs and values related to the following concepts:

  1. The Contextual Domain – how we believe the basic ‘mechanics’ of the ‘external’ environment ‘works’. Most importantly, this domain contains beliefs about how much ‘influence’ we are able to exert over the context, or whether the context ‘controls’ our experiences.
  2. The Inter-Personal Domain – contains the beliefs and values we have in relation to our social interactions with all other people as well as with the ‘social rules and regulations’.
  3. The Intra-Personal Domain – contains the way we think about, relate-to and evaluate OURSELVES.

In the Tranceformental CBT programme we measure the beliefs contained within each discrete domain using a set of ‘inventories’ or ‘tests’ designed to provide a ‘picture’ of the current configurations of beliefs that may lead to unhelpful thoughts.

Developing Effective Solutions

By understanding how our core beliefs and values can then lead (logically) to certain cognitive distortions, unhelpful thinking styles and an array of safety behaviours, we can provide a range of proven tools and techniques that directly address any given ‘problem’.

This process of identifying, understanding and then changing core limiting beliefs and values, form the bulk of the work carried-out during the programme which generally takes place over a ten week period which provides a sufficient timescale for the ‘extinction’ and ‘re-habituation’ of new patterns of thinking.

What’s Involved?

The Tranceformental CBT programme costs £795 and makes reference to some suggested reading materials and research work. We also recommend the use of Rob Kelly’s Thrive Programme book as a highly effective resource alongside our sessional work.

This ‘homework’ component is an essential element of the programme as many of the changes that take place in your beliefs and values happen as a result of you applying these concepts in your everyday life outside of the clinic setting.

As with conventional CBT, the Tranceformental programme places a high emphasis on clients ‘doing work’ in order to bring about change.

Tranceformental is also available online with Paul using zoom.

FREE Initial Consultations

We offer all prospective clients a FREE initial consultation to chat about the Tranceformental CBT approach and how it may be suitable to help  you resolve your problems.

During this 50 minute consultation we will discuss how the programme works, what following it entails and the outcomes that you are likely to experience

At Tranceform Psychology we recognise the importance of the therapy relationship for effective outcomes so it’s very important to be able to meet PRIOR to agreeing any kind of help.

Our policy is to help people make a fully balanced & considered decision about undertaking the programme with us, including both the financial and personal implications.

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