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Compulsive Behaviour Counselling Wolverhampton

Psychological Therapy for Compulsive Behaviour and Compulsions

Most people think Compulsive Behaviour is the same as Obsessive Behaviour, but this is not quite correct.

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As a rule of thumb, Compulsive Behaviour is undertaken, often with little thought, on impulse or with a sense of having been ‘driven’ to it, and instant relief is felt, frequently there may be some feelings of guilt or shame felt afterwards, but immediate gratification is felt at the time.

With Obsessive Behaviours the impulses and drive may be similar, but this sense of relief, this “instant gratification” is often never experienced.

Compulsive Behaviour comes in many forms, but the ones we most frequently encounter are:

  • Overeating
  • Smoking
  • Compulsive Shopping or Spending

In each of these examples, carrying out the Compulsive Behaviour provides immediate relief, but long term, usually has a negative impact on the persons life!

Read more about Compulsions on WIKI here.

Types of Compulsive Behaviour Helped

Compulsive Behaviour can range from simple everyday behaviours such as shopping to more reckless behaviours such as self-harming.

One of the issues with compulsions is that most of them undertaken to excess can have very damaging impacts on people’s lives; the compulsive shopper may find themselves heavily in debt or even bankrupt, while the compulsive self-harmer may place their life in jeopardy on a regular basis.

Below you can find a list of typical Compulsive Behaviours that can be helped with Psychology & Psychotherapy treatments here at the Tranceform Clinic in Wombourne.

  • Compulsive Shopping
  • Compulsive Drinking
  • Addictive behaviours (e.g. gambling, misusing drugs or other substances, eating disorders such as bulimia)
  • Nail biting which we classify as an “oral” compulsion
  • Self-harming compulsions
  • Compulsive Eating
  • Smoking cigarettes or other substances – Smoking is the worlds most common Compulsive Behaviour!

Therapy for Compulsive Behaviour

Compulsive Behaviour is often produced by a degree of “distorted thinking”, in particular that the sufferer has “no control” over the impulse.

If we can learn how to manage these ‘limiting beliefs‘ using the tools and techniques contained in therapies such as the CLB Programme or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, then we can also learn how to control the emotional experiences that we have – ie. manage the Anxiety.

It is also possible that people suffering from Compulsive Behaviour may have some other emotional or childhood trauma problems that are indirectly related to the problem itself but still create Fear and Anxiety which leads to carrying out the compulsive behaviour.

In these cases, as it is may be more difficult to identify the distorted thinking associated with Compulsive Behaviour itself, following a course of Psychoanalysis may be more beneficial.

Compulsive Behaviour Treatments

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We offer Brief Directive Psychotherapy and Psychodynamic Therapy to treat Compulsive Behaviour here at our clinic in Wombourne, Wolverhampton.

In general, Compulsive Behaviour related conditions respond well to therapy.

As a guide, if you have suffered from a Compulsive Behaviour for a significant number of years and have experienced Stress & Anxiety about it since your childhood, then you might be best advised to undertake a course of Psycho-dynamic therapy.

If, on the other hand, your Compulsive Behaviour problems are more recent and on the whole you have been free from the symptoms for extended periods of your life, then you might benefit more from one of the briefer, “directive” type interventions.

FREE Initial Consultations

We offer all prospective clients a FREE initial assessment to chat about your Compulsive Behaviour. During this 50 minute consultation we will discuss the various options that are available to you and make a considered recommendation based on your individual personal circumstances.

At TranceForm we believe that therapy & coaching should be a collaboration between therapist and client so it’s very important to be able to meet PRIOR to agreeing any kind of help. Our policy is to help people make a fully balanced & considered decision about undertaking therapy with us, including both the financial and personal implications.

Page Author - Paul Lee BSc. Honours

Page Author - Paul Lee BSc. Honours

Current Page: Compulsive Behaviour Counselling

This page was authored by Paul Lee Bachelor of Science (honours) Psychology and Social Psychology. All content is cross-edited by Dr. Justina Somal PhD (British Psychological Society) for accuracy and operational validity.

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