We are born with a natural resilience.

metaphor for inner strength and resilience - red door in the mind

That, for example, is how we learn to walk.

None of us stood up for the first time and started walking and running around.

We got up, Wobbled for a bit, fell down and then got up again.

This happened time and time again.

We never once doubted ourselves.

We couldn’t, we didn’t have thoughts because we didn’t have a language and hence, we didn’t have any belief systems.

I was watching a clip on the news the other day, about a 6 year old boy who has cerebral palsy.

His mother described him as a happy and content child, despite his limitations, until he started to notice that he was “different” to other children.

Until he had the thought that he was different, and then another though along the lines that that it was a bad thing, he had a natural sense of self worth and self confidence.

The more he focussed on those negative and unhelpful thoughts, the more ingrained they became, until a limiting belief formed that he wasn’t as good as other children.

It was through interacting with horses, that he reconnected with his sense of self and his enjoyment and enthusiasm for life was reignited.

This comes as no surprise.

A horse is completely non judgemental!

When not judged, either by himself or the animal, those thoughts subsided.

There were no comparisons and there was no judgement.

His natural sense of self could emerge, because it is always there, but for our learnt negative mind chatter and limiting beliefs.

It’s a bit like having a high definition tv screen with static interference.

But for the interference, there is a fantastic picture.

But for our learnt unhelpful thinking patterns, we just get on with life and consciously or unconsciously, believe that whatever happens, we deal with it.

Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain neuroscientist, in her book called “A Stroke of Insight”, recalls how when she was 37 years old, she had a left hemisphere brain haemorrhage.

Her logical rational thinking brain was effectively shut down by a clot the size of a golf ball.

he describes how her mind chatter shut down and she only had access to awareness, a right brain function and not language, a left brain function.

Not having the mind chatter, allowed her to experience a sense of peace and expansiveness which she did not ever experience whilst focusing and operating almost entirely from her logical,rational and learnt thinking left brain.

Fortunately we don’t need to have a stroke, to understand how we can let go of our learnt negative thoughts and behaviours.

It is when we start identifying with and believing our critical inner voice and unhelpful thoughts that low self esteem and negative symptoms start developing.

The Thrive Programme, takes you on an empowering journey of self discovery, that leads you back to your natural resilience and self worth.

When you understand how unhelpful belief systems and thinking styles are created and learnt, you can then go about creating and learning new helpful thinking styles and belief systems.

Did you know, each individual is 100% for their level of self esteem, regardless of situation or circumstances.

Thrive teaches you how to take back control of your self esteem and you get to determine how good you feel about yourself.

Not in an arrogant and egotistic way, but in a grounded sense of self where you enjoy and feel completely comfortable with who you are.

Author – Shirley Scott – Thrive Consultant London