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Emetophobia Counselling

Psychological Therapy for Emetophobia the Fear of Vomiting or Being Sick.

Available in Wolverhampton & Online

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Despite estimates which suggest that Emetophobia may affect up to 5% of the population, it remains largely unknown because most sufferers feel so “silly” or “embarrassed” about it that often they will not even tell their spouses about it for several years!

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It is more widely known as the Fear of Being Sick, Fear of Vomiting or Vomit Phobia

Although Emetophobia seems to be more prevalent in females, it certainly does affect males and we have helped a number here in our clinic.

The majority of Emetophobia sufferers consult us between the ages of about 21 & 30. It is unusual for emetophobes to seek help when they are much older than this, usually because they have learnt to cope with it up until that point and are able to get on with their lives without too much interference.

But there is very good news for after more than 25 years of working and understanding the problem of literally thousands of sufferers, a definitive way of totally overcoming your fear of vomiting is finally available.

This method is based on an understanding of the causes and factors which maintain emetophobic behaviours and is based entirely on 100% empirically supported processes for creating changes in those factors.

Symptoms of Emetophobia

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  • Fear of Being Sick oneself
  • Fear of being sick in public
  • Fear of seeing others be sick
  • Fear of the sound of someone being sick
  • Fear of people laughing at you for being sick
  • Fear of making a fool of yourself in public

In fact Emetophobia can present itself in a whole host of different ways, but whichever form of Emetophobia you happen to suffer with, this specially developed, research-backed & evidence based psychological training programme can help you like it has helped hundreds of sufferers to date.

Read about Emetophobia Symptoms here.

Causes of Emetophobia

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The majority of Emetophobia sufferers will almost certainly be able to ‘pin-point’ a time in their lives when they were sick, and that it was ‘so bad’ that it has subsequently developed into this phobia.

Whilst it is understandable that people want to be able to identify a certain event that ‘created’ their phobia, there is very little evidence to support this notion. Most people who have a phobia of flying in a plane have never been involved in a plane crash!

Having worked with a large number of Emetophobia sufferers here in the West Midlands there are a number of common ‘themes’ that we see that are more related to the development of this phobia, including the following observations:

  • Sufferers always have a very high ‘desire for control’ and may even have associated OCD problems
  • They have a ‘catastrophic’ thinking style, often learnt from a catastrophic parent
  • They have a large number of ‘safety behaviours’ such as frequent hand washing, avoiding alcohol and checking sell-by-dates on food
  • They exhibit a high degree of ‘learned helplessness’ and believe that they can never overcome this problem

Emetophobia Treatment

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The most effective way of overcoming Emetophobia (in our experience) is by following the Tranceformental CBT Programme here at our clinic or online.

Following the Programme with Paul is challenging and it will certainly make you re-consider many of the things that you believe to be absolutely TRUE (but are in fact YOUR unique perception).

Evidence shows, however, that IF you are prepared to follow the programme and put in 100% effort, then the chances of you successfully overcoming Emetophobia are extremely good.

Read about our Emetophobia Treatment here.

Following the Emetophobia Course

The Emetophobia course takes place over 10 sessions although some emetophobia sufferers improve much more quickly and others may often need further support.

No two Emetophobes are the same so be preapred to be flexible.

The process involves:

  • Using a number of diagnostic tools to evaluate the “Severity” of your symptoms
  • Lots of “homework” – involving both “practical” as well as “intellectual” exercises
  • Recording thoughts & Feelings
  • Recognising and changing your ‘safety behaviours
  • Listening to and evaluating your own “internal dialogue”
  • Systematically challenging certain facets of your “belief systems”
  • Understanding  and changing your “thinking styles”
  • Learning specific psychological tools that enable you to create much more positive “evaluations”

And much, much more!

How Much Does the Emetophobia Course Cost?

The Tranceformental CBT course for Emetophobia costs £795 for all 10 sessions (either in-clinic or online).

If you opt for the online version of the course using Zoom, you will need to purchase your own copy of the recommended workbook.

FREE Initial Consultations for Emetophobia

We offer all prospective clients a FREE initial assessment to chat about your emetophobia. During this 50 minute consultation we will discuss the various options that are available to you and make a considered recommendation based on your individual personal circumstances.

Free initial consultations are available as part of our online therapy service

At TranceForm Psychology we recognise the importance of the therapeutic relationship in helping people to bring about effective change, so its important to be able to ‘meet’ to discuss our change programmes BEFORE proceeding.

Our policy is to help people make a fully balanced & considered decision about undertaking work with us, including both the financial and personal implications.

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“I wouldn’t Leave the House”

Emetophobia Solved by Riccardo Woolcock Before I met Paul I was in a bad place, I wouldn’t leave my house or do anything because I lacked confidence and also because of my emetophobia.

The programme has made me realise how to control my thoughts and made me realise how I was the one creating the fear, not only has it helped me overcome my fear but also its changed me as a person.

I’ve quit my job and I’m now pursuing a career as a gardener, which I want, this is because Paul and the programme have given me a burst of confidence.

It’s helped open my eyes to many things and not only just my fear. I’m now able to manage my thinking and control it. I would recommend this programme to everyone; even those without phobias etc.

It really has opened my eyes to a new life, a better me.

Thank you Paul and make sure you keep in touch

Riccardo Woolcock

We were very sad to hear the news of Riccardo’s passing 4/7/2019. RIP mate.

“I Thought About Being Sick EVERY Day”

louise-ward When I met Paul I was feeling very low.

I have had ‘Emetophobia’ for around 20 years and I’d always thought that was just the way my life would be.

I thought about sick (being sick, feeling sick, others being sick) all day, every day and carried out many safety behaviours, thinking I was preventing myself from catching a bug or becoming sick.

I didn’t let my phobia ruin my life or stop me from doing anything I really wanted to do but it certainly ruled my life and had a big part to play in the choices I made.

When I felt nauseous (which was often a daily occurrence) it would send me into a panic attack, worrying, overthinking and shaking in anxiety.

I thought I was a positive person – I had re-trained and secured my dream job and lost weight both of which I thought would change my life but having achieved both I realised they didn’t.

Read more here..

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