Evidence Based Psychotherapy in Wolverhampton

Cognitive Therapies

We would like announce that we have now stopped offering Analytical Analytical Therapy in favour of Evidence Based Psychotherapy techniques.

These therapeutic interventions are all fully backed by scientific research and we believe are more useful as techniques for personal change than those which they replace.

Although many people do receive benefits from following a course of Hypno-analysis, evidence shows that theses types of intervention do not have particularly long lasting effects and in many cases may be too focused on “previous” or “past” emotional trauma.

Even in the case where emotional trauma IS a significant part of a persons past, research suggest that it is still the “thinking” styles of the person in the”present”day that are primarily responsible for the emotional feelings that are experienced.

All of our evidence based psychotherapy treatments are focused on this fact, so whether you opt for CPI (Cognitive Processing & Integration) or the “Thrive Programme“, we will ultimately be focused on helping you to modify your thinking so that you can experience different reactions to those situations in which you might have previously reacted in a negative way.

We refer to both of these types of therapy as “Cognitive Therapy” as they are directed at the “way you think”.