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Fear of Flying Hypnosis Wolverhampton

Hypnosis for the Fear of Flying & Aviophobia

Joan’s Fear of Flying Hypnosis Course is a multi-session programme combining Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming and the latest developments in Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) to help you beat your fear of flying.

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Taking place over 3 separate sessions each building towards your ‘Fly Day’, the course is designed to help you remove the phobia at it’s root and create the new mind-set of a ‘happy flyer’.

As well as the sessions themselves, which will take around 4 hours in total, you will also receive a ‘mind-programming’ CD which you play on a regular basis to help keep you relaxed and positive as you progress though the course.

Additionally you will also be given your own copy of ‘Fly Happy’, a ground-breaking book by Rob Kelly, creator of the Thrive Programme, that sheds light on a range of scientific tools and techniques designed to help you feel totally comfortable about flying.

The Sessions

The Fear of Flying Hypnosis course takes place over three sessions, each designed to help you to modify ‘key’ factors that create or contribute to your fear.

Step One – Addressing Unhelpful Thinking

Unless YOU have been involved in an air crash yourself then it is most likely that you have spent many hours ‘imagining’ what being in an air crash would be like and all of the terrible consequences that would be involved. This ‘distorted’ thinking is the main reason that you have developed a ‘fear’ and the first session is all about helping you to deal with this part of your thinking.

Step Two – Developing a New Mindset

In this second stage we will get you to start thinking about the ways in which air travel ‘benefits’ you rather than ‘hinders’ you and you will also learn how to deal with ‘intrusive negative thoughts’ that can seem to enter your mind without you thinking about them! This session will actually start the process of ‘neural re-wiring’ so that you begin to ‘think differently’ about flying and air travel.

Step Three – Postive Imagination

In the final stage we will help you bring both your new thinking and a range of positive visualisation processes to bear on an imagined flight to a holiday destination.

During this process you will find that you are calm, relaxed and feel quite different about your upcoming plane journey.

How Hypnosis Helps Fear of Flying

Although some people do have informed ideas and opinions about what ‘hypnosis’ is, most people think that hypnosis is some sort of ‘power’ that can make people do things things that they would normally not do, like make a fool of themselves in front of hundreds of people on stage.

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Nothing could be further from the truth as hypnosis is a perfectly ‘normal’ state of mind that people experience on an almost daily basis whenever they find themselves ‘day-dreaming’ or perhaps carrying out a routine task whilst actively thinking about something else.

Hypnosis is actually a state of higher functioning in which the mind is ‘multi-tasking’.

Hypnosis is extremely useful for dealing with the Fear of Flying as most people who develop this fear tend to do so in a way that means they ‘over-react’ and ‘catastrophise’ about the idea of flying and lose perspective on just how safe and enjoyable flying can really be.

Hypnosis is excellent for dealing with problems where there is a lot of emotional content.

How Does the Fear of Flying Hypnosis Course Cost?

The full course of 4 hours spaced over 3 sessions costs £280 and includes the Fly Happy book as well as your CD.

You can pay for your course by Cash or you can pay using our PayPal facility below:

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