Hair Pulling Overcome in Wolverhampton
Severe Hair Pulling, Anxiety & Stress solved with Children’s Analytical Therapy – Nine Year old Chloe
My daughter met Joan about 2 years ago during an extremely difficult time in her life.

Her struggles ranged from a nasty case of bullying to the death of a beloved pet, a  medical diagnosis and my husband and I deciding to split temporarily.

For a girl of such a young age she did not know how to cope with life at this point and as a result she began to pull her hair.

She went from a full head of gorgeous wavy hair to total hair loss within 5 months.

It was extremely traumatic for her as you can imagine.

I didn’t know where to turn.

The professionals I saw had never experienced anything like this and were no help at all. In fact I was told that as her Mum I will have probably read more on the subject and could probably tell the doctors more than they can tell me!!

So I decided to try hypnotherapy for her.

Chloe had an instant affection for Joan.

Joan had a beautiful, soft and wonderfully caring manner which comes naturally to her, but in the presence of children this side of her really shines through and my daughter loved her instantly.

The session with Joan made my daughter feel on top of the world.

The techniques used helped my daughter to feel safe, relaxed, loved and important. It made a massive difference to her life.

Joan sent us a CD made especially for my daughter which she would listen to every single night without fail as she lay in bed.

She found comfort in having Joan’s voice there to see her off to sleep each night.

Over the next few months the hair pulling went from extremely intense to what we thought of as a habit she had formed.

Chloe had another one or two sessions with Joan and within a year her hair had begun to grow back.

Today Chloe has a full head of gorgeous curly hair and she does not pull her hair at all these days.

I would recommend a visit to Joan for any child who needs a boost in confidence, who needs comfort, support and unconditional love for what ever reason.

The treatment gives the child a chance to relax, a means to let go of all the bad feelings and experiences and a source of comfort and love that sometimes parents cant provide due to the fact that they are hurting too!
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