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Learn how to be truly happy from the inside-out.

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Happiness Coaching at Tranceform Psychology

Here at Tranceform Psychology we have been helping people create their own happiness since 2009.

Despite what some might want you to believe, there are no magic formulas or secrets to becoming happy, instead what we offer are proven applied psychological principles based on good science that really work.

The truth is that it’s NOT your life circumstances that determine if you’re happy or not, it’s the way you “look at” and “make sense” of your life that separates the happy from those ‘aspiring to be happy’.

Happiness is a decision written on chalkboard

“If I was rich I’d be happy!”

If only that was true!

Over the years we’ve seen and helped numerous millionaires for depression and anxiety, and they almost always say the same thing:

“I’d gladly give up all the money if I could stop feeling sad and depressed”.

Sorry, but money will NOT make you happy no matter what you think.

Sure, if you’re already happy and you come into, money, then it will provide you with the resources to enjoy your happiness even more.

On the other side of the coin (forgive the pun), we have also helped hundreds of people who had very little money, but who were able to create happiness in their lives by adopting a new, happiness philosophy.

And you could too!

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Three Top-level Concepts in Happiness Coaching

The way that we ‘experience’ and ‘make sense’ of our lives is governed by three key areas of thinking.

Creating happiness in our lives means learning to think differently.

Our Happiness Coaching Programme Can Help!

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Relational Happiness

Human beings exist within complex social, cultural and relational networks which can provide rich and diverse opportunities or represent obstacles to happiness.

Understanding the nature of how we relate to others and the social context is a crucial factor in happiness.

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Existential Happiness

The way that you view the outside world and act autonomously in the production of your own happiness is intimately linked to your perception of external reality.

We can help you figure out and make significant improvements to your beliefs about causality in your life.

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Self Happiness

Your relationship with yourself is the third, and one of the most important dimensions determining your sense of happiness.

The way in which you perceive yourself is governed by a range of psychological constructs which we can help you to understand and change.

Second-level Concepts that Moderate Happiness

The coping mechanisms and strategies that people deploy in their everyday lives are intimately linked to the top-level beliefs and values.

Learn How To Use Additional Tools to Create & Maintain Happiness

There are a range of tools and techniques used in Happiness Coaching all of which have a proven scientific & psychological heritage.

Eliminate Thinking Traps

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Thinking traps are those ways that we think help us to negotiate life’s challenges but actually reduce happiness.

Prevent Safety Behaviours

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Sometimes the ways we behave in the service of safety make us feel more unsafe and a lot less happy.

Move Towards Goals

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We need to learn how to formulate and move towards happiness and not away from sadness or un-happiness

How Does Happiness Coaching Work?

The Tranceform Psychology Happiness Coaching programme is a ten session course delivered on a one-to-one basis in our training rooms in Wombourne near Wolverhampton.

Happiness Coaching is also available using our online platform and later on in 2021 will also be available as a self-administered online course.

It is a highly structured, yet individually tailored programme, which builds over the course of the ten session schedule.

The current cost of the programme is £795.

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