Hypno-Band Weight Loss Testimonial

I lost Weight with Hypno-band

I’d read about Hypno-band therapy last year and I started to review the this web-site before Christmas, reading through the testimonials.

I wanted to begin (another) weight loss programme in the new year but I also wanted something that would change my life and not change something for a short period.

I went to see Joan in January and I knew from that first meeting that this was something that would change my life by changing the way I thought about food.

From the first consultation (literally) I have thought about food as something I need to live, rather than living for my next meal.

Since the band has been fitted I have been eating (considerably) smaller portions, stopped thinking about food and my next meal and as a result stopped snacking, broken long-standing habits and found myself with so much more energy.

I’m walking on average 6 miles each week without even thinking about it.

So far I’ve lost over 1 stone and am confident that I will reach my target by next Christmas.

The difference this time is that I am not dieting.

I am eating the same meals as the family but small amounts and I’m not rushing when I eat.

All these changes are definitely for life and I am recommending this to anyone who will listen to me!

Lots of love

Debbie xxxx

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