Hypnosis Doesn’t Always Work

Why does Hypnosis work for some people and not for others?

Does this mean that Hypnosis and Analytical Therapy is somehow “not real” and that it only works for “some” people, perhaps those that are somehow more “susceptible” than others?

Does this mean that people whose lives don’t “change” after a session of Hypnosis are either “too strong-minded”?

Well the answer is really not that complicated, but I may be able to answer it more succinctly by asking a question or two that hopefully will provoke some thoughts.

There is a body of thought that states that we need to provide scientific evidence for any particular event in order to say whether or not it is “real” – I have scientific training in Physics and Chemistry and so am aware of the criteria for determining “validity” all too well.

As a society we tend to believe that, for example, anything to do with the NHS must be scientifically proven, but if that’s absolutely true, then why do some people who take anti-depressants still feel depressed?

Surely, if these drugs are 100% scientifically proven, then anybody taking them would not be depressed any more.

In Fact, wouldn’t the widespread use of these drugs all but eliminate depression if they actually worked?

Of course, the fact is that for “some” people they do work, but for others they have little effect. Should we then be saying that anti-depressants “don’t work”, or is it more reasonable to say that “they work for some people”?

We wouldn’t dream of saying (would we?) that the practice of medicine is the same as “hypnosis” and “Analytical Therapy” and that as it doesn’t work for “everybody” it must be not “true”.. but this IS the case.. these proven interventions don’t always work.

How is this different to the use of Analytical Therapy that benefits hundreds of people, but for others doesn’t work?

Speaking scientifically, it would be reasonable to suggest, on the basis evidence, that anti-depressants are not scientifically proven – the theoretical basis for the outcome of “reduced depression” does not occur in 100% of the cases.

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