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List of Phobias We Can Help

Alphabetical List of Phobias

On this page we present a list of Phobias, some very common and other less so.

Also see: Phobias by Description which list phobias by the phobic problem rather than the name of the phobia.

We have been consulted for about 90% of all of these phobias at one time or another, so please be assured, no matter how silly you might feel about discussing your issue, we take all phobias and anxiety conditions seriously and will discuss the options available to you.

Clicking on any of the phobias listed takes you to a specific page and how each of our types of therapy might address the associated symptoms.


Ablutophobia – Fear of Bathing

Acrophobia – Fear of Heights

Agoraphobia – Fear of Open Spaces

Aichmophobia – Fear of Needles

AilurophobiaFear of Cats

AlgophobiaFear of Pain

AmaxophobiaFear of Riding in Cars

AndrophobiaFear of Men

AnthophobiaFear of Flowers

AnthropophobiaFear of People

AquaphobiaFear of Water

ArachnophobiaFear of Spiders

AstraphobiaFear of Thunder & Lightning

AtelophobiaFear of Failure, similar to Social Phobia

AutophobiaFear of Being Alone

AviophobiaFear of FlyingFear of Flying Hypnosis


BarophobiaFear of Gravity

BathmophobiaFear of Stairs

Being SickEmetophobia


Chaetophobia –  Fear of Hair

ChemophobiaFear of Chemicals

CherophobiaFear of Happiness

ChiroptophobiaFear of Bats

ChromophobiaFear of Colours

ChronophobiaFear of Passing Time

ClaustrophobiaFear of Enclosed Spaces

ClimacophobiaFear of Climbing

CoulrophobiaFear of Clowns

CyberphobiaFear of Computers


DecidophobiaFear of Making Decisions

DemonophobiaFear of Demons

Dentophobia – Fear of Dentists also Ondontophobia

DysmorphophobiaFear of Deformity


EcclesiophobiaFear of Churches

EmetophobiaFear of Vomiting

ErgophobiaFear of Work

ErotophobiaFear of Sex

ErythrophobiaFear of Blushing


FriggatriskaidekaphobiaFear of Friday 13th

FrigophobiaFear of Cold


GelotophobiaFear of Being Laughed At

GephyrophobiaFear of Bridges

GenophobiaFear of Sexual Intercourse

GerascophobiaFear of Growing Old

GlobophobiaFear of Balloons

GlossophobiaFear of Public Speaking

GymnophobiaFear of Nudity

GynophobiaFear of Women


HalitophobiaFear of Bad Breath

HaphephobiaFear of Being Touched

HarpaxophobiaFear of Being Robbed

HeliophobiaFear of Sunlight

HaemophobiaFear of Blood

HylophobiaFear of Trees

HypnophobiaFear of Sleep


IchtyophobiaFear of Fish


KinetophobiaFear of Movement

KleptophobiaFear of Stealing

KoumpounophobiaFear of Buttons


LilapsophobiaFear of Hurricanes


MechanophobiaFear of Machines

MelissophobiaFear of Bees

MethyphobiaFear of Alcohol

MusophobiaFear of Mice

MyrmecophobiaFear of Ants

MysophobiaFear of Germs or Contamination (Very prevalent in Emetophobia fear of being sick)


NecrophobiaFear of The Dead (Dead things)

NeophobiaFear of New Things

NosocomephobiaFear of Hospitals

NosophobiaFear of Contracting a Disease

NyctophobiaFear of The Dark


ObesophobiaFear of Obesity

OikophobiaFear of Home Surroundings

OmphalophobiaFear of Belly Buttons

OneirophobiaFear of Dreams

OpthalmophobiaFear of Being Stared At

OsmophobiaFear of Smells


PanphobiaFear of Everything or The Unknown

pediophobiaFear of Dolls

PhagophobiaFear of Gagging

PharmacophobiaFear of Medication

PhasmophobiaFear of Ghosts

PhilophobiaFear of Love

PhobophobiaFear of Phobias or Having a Phobia

PhonophobiaFear of Noise

PogonophobiaFear of Beards

PornophobiaFear of Pornography

PupaphobiaFear of Puppets

PyrophobiaFear of Fire


RadiophobiaFear of Radiocativity or X-Rays


ScriptophobiaFear of Writing in Public

ScopophobiaFear of Being Seen

SociophobiaFear of Socialising

SpectrophobiaFear of Mirrors

StasiphobiaFear of Standing

StygiophobiaFear of Hell


TaphophobiaFear of Being Buried Alive

TechnophobiaFear of Technology

TetraphobiaFear of Number 4

ThalassophobiaFear of the Sea

ThanatophobiaFear of Dying

TheophobiaFear of God

TokophobiaFear of Childbirth

ToxiphobiaFear of Being Poisoned

TrypanophobiaFear of Needles or Fear of Injections


UranophobiaFear of Heaven


Vomiting – Fear of Vomiting


XenophobiaFear of Foreigners

Xylophobia – Fear of Forests

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