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Annual Business Contract – Mental Health at Work

Tranceform offers an annual business contract for businesses based within the West Midlands and Shropshire regions which provides the following benefits:

  1. One full dedicated day at your business every month over a full year (see below for the types of service we are able to deliver on your allocated days)
  2. 20% discounted rate on one-to-one employee assistance programmes (Normally £695 discounted down to £556)

What Services Can My Business Access?

  • Review of management system to ascertain compliance with legislation regarding the management of work-related stress and mental health issues within the workplace.
  • Drafting of appropriate documentation to demonstrate compliance/committment to management of employee mental wellbeing.
  • Analysis of HSE management standards ‘readiness’ and employee survey to highlight any areas of concern within defined core domains associated with work related stress.
  • Delivery of in-house training programmes selected from our range of training seminars.

How Does This Help My Business?

Nobody can be unaware of the prominence that mental health and well being is curently being afforded. Whilst there remains a degree of stigma surrounding discussions or disclosure of experiencing mental health problems in many areas of society we are much more used to talking about and addressing these types of issues than at any time in the past.

There is little doubt that work-related stress will continue to hit the headlines, not only in terms of the impact that its has on businesses due to lost time through absence, but also because employers have a duty of care to ensure that staff are not ‘harmed’ by a lack of adequate control within those areas clearly defined as ’causes’ of stress.

Doing ‘mental harm’ will undoubtedly become as important as doing ‘physical harm’ from a Health and Safety perspective which means that business owners are going to need to ensure that provisions and practices are in place to demonstrate effective management of such problems.

Tranceform works with local businesses to support mental health issues in the workplace, including the delivery of in-house training seminars, development and implementation of regulatory systems for managing work-related stress and psychological well-being, one-to-one support in-clinic as well as Employee Assistance Programmes & Retained Service contracts.

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