Mrs ‘R’

Administrator/Manageress – Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Clinical Commissioning Group


SWBCCG Individual Feedback

I completed the Thriving at Work programme after taking on extra responsibilities within my current role, which involved line managing staff, producing reports and statistics, which at times was very stressful.  

Completing the programme enabled me to believe in myself and my capabilities.  

I was a “my glass is half empty” kind of person but now due to the learning styles within the programme I am the opposite.

The programme helped me to take perspective of things, both at work and in my personal life and helped me think differently towards life and situations.

At times the course and the delivery of the chapters within the book made me look at “why” I felt the way I did and “what” factors contributed to my style of thinking, some conversations were emotional and very deep but once I had completed the course I understood why we had to look deeper into things that happened to me in my past.

Mrs 'R'

Office Admin/Management, Sandwell & West Birmingham CCG