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Today’s business environment is more demanding and stressful than at any time in the UK’s commercial history.

Employees are expected to be agile, adaptable and skilled across many more ‘domains’ than previously, and this brings with it lots of ‘pressure to perform’.

We need healthy minds as well as healthy bodies in order to cope with this pressure.

Whilst your people may have an admirable set of ‘hard skills’ and academic qualifications these may often be significantly under-utilised by both the individual and the organisation if the person in question is unable to cope with the demanding working environment and is lacking in what have become known as ‘soft-skills’.

Our Healthy Minds Programme is designed as an employee support service that can teach your staff a set of proven, evidence-based scientific principles and techniques (based on the proven principles of CBT) allowing them to thrive in the most demanding environments.

When your staff are able to cope with demands they will be able to thrive, and when your staff are thriving your business will thrive too!

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How Does It Work?

In most cases organisations send their staff to us here at our offices in Wombourne to undertake the programme. Over 10 one hour training sessions we will help the candidate identify their own limiting beliefs or paradigms and unhelpful thinking styles so that they can become aware of how these might be limiting their ability to cope or perform.

Following this initial process of self-insight, we then teach a number of cognitive and behavioural tools and techniques that help to reverse these self-imposed limitations which subsequently help to create thriving healthy minds and elevated levels of resilience and coping mechanisms.

The healthy minds programme creates tangible and measurable changes in people that can have a dramatic effect on personal performance and self-fulfillment.

Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS CCG Case Study

We have been a supplier of our healthy minds programme to the senior heads of department and other key staff at the Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Clinical Commissioning Group since early 2018 and have been receiving extremely encouraging positive feedback about the effectiveness of the programme.

Alice McGee, Head of Human Resources at Sandwell & West Birmingham, Dudley and Walsall clinical commissioning groups told us:

Thank you for all of the referrals you have picked up at SWB CCG recently, the feedback I have had is really positive and colleagues are talking about how good it is and how much it has helped them personally.


I have had such positive feedback that I have had 2 more members of staff talk to me about potentially accessing the programme.

Read our Case Study here.

Thriving at Work

The healthy minds employee assistance programme is based entirely on our Thriving at Work programme which is a proven, evidence-based applied psychology protocol based on the foundations of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) which is enhanced by a primary focus on beliefs, values and schemas.

As well as holding a BSc (hons) and a Masters Degree MSc in Psychology,  Paul has also held senior board level positions for SME’s across the Midlands and senior manager roles in continental Europe. Combining this corporate background with his skills as a trainer and psychologist ensures that the healthy minds programme is always delivered with a solid understanding of the pressures associated with very senior roles within complex organisational structures.

Want to Find Out More?

If you think you or members of your organisation could benefit from following the healthy minds programme, then please DO get in touch with me for an initial discussion.

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