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Creating a Line of Sight – Seeing is NOT Believing!

How Beliefs Change the Way we See the World!

This half-day training seminar focuses on how our beliefs, both conscious AND unconscious can modify (or ‘modulate’) our experiences.

The seminar challenges the taken-for-granted idea that there is only one way of understanding the world which is known as the objective ‘model’ of reality.

The principal theme is the ‘subjective’ nature of reality – that our experiences are unique to each person and are determined by what we believe rather than what is actually ‘out there’.

This seminar costs £800 + venue costs.

The session also deals with how ‘evolved’ or ‘hard-wired’ beliefs can also modify external stimuli as well as how cultural beliefs modulate perception.

By gaining new knowledge and understandings about these perceptual models, candidates will develop an awareness of the limitations of our thinking processes and be able to make any necessary modifications.

Seminar Delivery and Venues

In general, we deliver our training programmes in our clients own work venues and can, if required, supply our own digital projector and projection screen.

Our standard prices for all half-day and full day seminars do not include the cost of any external venues

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