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Me, Myself & I – Training Seminar

Mental Health at Work Training

The Me, Myself and I training seminar is a half-day programme delivered at either your own business premises (we provide projectors, screens and associated hand-outs) or we have access to external training suites if required (at no extra charge).

Because the seminar is interactive the maximum group size is 20 participants.

All half-day seminars cost £600

Seminar Content

Me, Myself and I addresses the following:

  • The Psychology of ‘Belief’ – that our reality is a subjective experience and so our reactions to external stressors is also subjective.
  • The THREE key ‘experiential’ domains and how they affect our perceptions (Context, Inter-Personal & Intra-Personal).
  • How the key experiential domains influence and correlate with each other to provide ‘meaning’.
  • Measuring each participants individual beliefs situated within each key domain (working documents provided for each participant)
  • How these beliefs lead to certain types of coping strategies and ‘thinking styles’.
  • Tips, Tools and Techniques for making positive changes to each of the beliefs within the key domains.


Participants attending the course should leave with a greater awareness of how their individual beliefs and perceptions either ameliorate or exacerbate stress and challenges in the work-place (and also in their personal lives) and also what pratical things they can do FOR themselves in order to develop more resilience against such stressors.

Seminar Delivery and Venues

Tranceform are able to deliver all of our training seminars in either (a) your own place of work (we supply the projector, projection screen and computer) or (b) using one of our external training venues.

Our standard prices for all half-day and full day seminars includes the cost of the venue.

Get in Touch

To find out more about our training programmes or any aspect of our ‘Mental Health at Work’ psychological services, e-mail paul@tranceformpsychology.com or call him on 07434 776125.

Tranceform works with local businesses to support mental health issues in the workplace, including the delivery of in-house training seminars, development and implementation of regulatory systems for managing work-related stress and psychological well-being, one-to-one support in-clinic as well as Employee Assistance Programmes & Retained Service contracts.

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e-mail: paul@tranceformpsychology.com

Applied Psychology for Business

Tranceform Psychology offer expert psychological training programmes and services to organisations across the Black Country and the West Midlands.

We are expert PhD, Masters and Graduate level academics and practitioners with significant experience in board level commerce as well as counselling psychology.

All of our support and training programmes are based on peer-reviewed research and contemporary understandings in social and cognitive psychology.

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Find Out More About Mental Health at Work Services

If you'd like to find out more about how we can help your business to manage mental health at work issues, or to discuss our training services, then please get in touch here.

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