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Stress Awareness Training

Stress Awareness Training for Your Business

It is the case that many people have a pretty poor understanding of both WHAT stress is and HOW it affects people in different ways. This general lack of understanding is pervasive in our society and whilst it is becoming a more prominent issue in everyday lives, people also tend to hold very polarised views about it, and how people are able, or not, to cope with it.

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Our Stress Awareness Training programme is designed to specifically address this issue within the context of the workplace and to provide a thoroughly scientific-based account of the nature of work related stress.

Although the focus of the training is stress at work, it inevitably crosses over into the domain of personal experience as people tend to respond to the pressure of stress in the same way in both aspects of their lives!


The stress awareness course is delivered to your entire business across the required number of sessions (depending on the number of staff you employ) and is normally delivered in-house at your facility.

Your attendees will leave with solid understanding of:

  • Stress v Pressure
  • Individual ‘Stress Limits’
  • The impact of ‘limiting beliefs’ on our perception of stress and stressful situations
  • The consequences of ‘not dealing’ with stress
  • Outline of the legal duty of care of both employers and employees

If your business is intending to proceed down the route of adopting the HSE Management Standards model then our Stress Awareness Training programme will both set the scene and facilitate the process through a shared awareness of the problem.

We also provide, if required at any point, a more advanced training programme which specifically targets an individuals ability to cope with stress at work which provides a range of tools and techniques that can directly influence a person’s individual stress limit. This programme is called the Thriving at Work Programme and takes place on a one-to-one basis at our offices.

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If you'd like to find out more about how we can help your business to manage mental health at work issues, or to discuss our training services, then please get in touch here.

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