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CBT for Anxiety

CBT for Anxiety in Wolverhampton – Also Available Online

Almost all problems that people experience will include Anxiety as it is a fundamental component of our reaction to adverse circumstances, even if those adverse circumstances are based upon distorted beliefs.

In principle, the anxiety reaction is completely normal when triggered by ‘appropriate’ situations or circumstances, but problems can occur when we feel anxious about situations that perhaps may be less ‘appropriate’ – for example becoming anxious if you worry about what people might ‘think’ about your new shoes (Social Anxiety).

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CBT for Anxiety involves understanding that it is our thinking, or cognitive processes, that actually create the feelings of Anxiety rather than something that ‘happens’ around us, or what somebody may have done ‘to’ us.

This is a fundamental principle within the concept of cognitive behavioural therapy and leads directly onto the idea that if we want to change the way we ‘feel’ then the most effective way to do this is to change the way we ‘think’. People tend to find that managing thinking patterns is much easier than trying to manage emotions which can often seem to be ‘automatic’.

The way that we ‘think’ is governed by a more fundamental set of underlying ‘filters’ which are known as ‘belief systems’ (or in the case of unhelpful behaviours, ‘limiting beliefs‘). These limiting beliefs are generally composed of a number of unhelpful thinking styles that lead to erroneous ‘assumptions’ or ‘patterns of thinking’ that distort the actual events being experienced or observed.

When this happens we tend to interpret events in a way that ‘fits’ with what we believe rather than a truly objective evaluation of the event. This is known as confirmation bias.

CBT for Anxiety involves developing a personal understanding of your own specific unhelpful thinking styles and then goes on to help you change them through the application of various tools and techniques, all of which have a well established scientific basis and have been thoroughly proven to be effective in changing these thinking patterns.

What’s Involved During CBT for Anxiety?

Our CBT for Anxiety ‘course’ takes place over 10 sessions with each session lasting for one hour. You will also be required to carry out some ‘homework’ outside of the sessions (usually about 3 – 4 hours per week) that helps to ‘challenge’ and ‘consolidate’ some of the things that you will learn during the CBT for Anxiety sessions.

So, in some respects, CBT for Anxiety could be thought of as a kind of ‘psycho-educational’ course.

How Much Does CBT for Anxiety Cost?

Our 10 session Tranceformental CBT programme for Anxiety costs £795 and is purchased on a pre-paid basis only.

Research indicates that people who are prepared to commit to the full course and associated costs are more likely to (a) ‘put-in’ a high degree of effort in overcoming their problems, and (b) see the course through to a conclusion due to the ‘investment’ they have made in themselves.

You can pay for your course of CBT for Anxiety on our fees page using our PayPal portal.

We also offer single session of CBT which cost £90 but individual sessions do not include the workbook that is provided as part of the course fee.

Free Initial Consultations

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We offer all prospective clients an initial consultation to discuss your anxiety-related mental health problems prior to commencing any counselling.

The consultation is free and lasts around 50 minutes.

During this consultation we will discuss the various types of psychological therapy that are available to you and make a considered recommendation based on your individual personal circumstances.

Initial consultations are also available as part of our online counselling service.

At Tranceform Psychology we emphasise the importance of the therapy relationship in helping people to bring about effective change, so its important to be able to ‘meet’ to discuss our change programmes BEFORE proceeding.

Our policy is to help people make a fully balanced & considered decision about undertaking mental health work with us, including both the financial and personal implications.

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For most mental health problems we recommend following our 10 session Tranceformental CBT Programme to overcome a wide range of mental health and behavioural problems.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a proven, evidence-based form of mental health counselling for developing a fundamental understanding of the dynamics of your problem, but also for learning new coping skills and strategies for sustainable change over your life.

The full course costs £795 which you can pay for on our fees page.

Tranceformental CBT is available On-line as well as a one-to-one format in the clinic.

Visit Online Counselling for more details.

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