Emetophobia Success Stories

Each of the following Emetophobia Success Stories are from genuine people in the Wolverhampton and West Midlands area who have given full permission for the publishing of their stories.

We have helped in excess of 100 people to overcome Emetophobia (The Fear of Being Sick or Vomiting) all over the World using our advanced programme of Tranceformental CBT.

Thrive Programme no longer available

Tranceform Psychology no longer offer the Thrive Programme which is cited in a number of these emetophobia success stories.

Paul was a Thrive Consultant since the inception of the programme in 2011 through to 2021.

Since becoming a Master’s level Psychologist in 2020 Paul has gone onto to create a more up-to-date programme of Psychosocial therapy based around the theories of Self-Determination, Social Psychology and Social Constructionism called “Tranceformental CBT”.

Fear of Being Sick Cure

Fear of Being Sick Cure

Fear of Being Sick Cure - Rachel's Story I first came across the Thrive Programme in October 2013 in a last desperate search for help and support for my fear of being sick (Emetophobia). At the time I was a new mom and had just experienced my first round of the Noro...

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It can also be taken as a self help CBT course that will teach you the fundamental tools and techniques used throughout the mental health profession.

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