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Child Counselling Wolverhampton

Expert Child Counselling with Dr. Justina Somal PhD.

Seeking support from family and friends for problems is not always so easy, even for adults. When a child experiences a mental health problem, or something they don’t understand it can be very difficult to know which way to turn and this is where child counselling can be beneficial.

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Depending on their age, they may already be talking to their friends about how they feel. They may even be talking to their teacher, or another person of authority at school, like the nurse or student support officer. Try not to get too upset or offended if they aren’t opening up to you – sometimes for a child it can be more daunting talking to a parent, than another adult.

If their behaviour seems to have changed, consider what’s happening in their life – is there anything that may have triggered their distress? Situations like moving house, divorce, bullying and bereavement can affect a child and stress and anxiety can build when they don’t know how to cope. Try talking to them through asking questions, and show your support. Even if they’re not ready to talk, ensure they know you’re there for them.

If you’re worried about your child and things seem to be affecting their health, it may be time to consider further help.

How Does Child Counselling Work?

Counselling gives the child the opportunity to talk about how they feel without the fear of judgement. Speaking to a skilled counsellor like Justina, away from their home and school life, can take away some of the pressure that they may feel they are under. Child counselling offers a safe environment for children to express their feelings and understand what may have caused them to feel this way.

The methods of therapy used in sessions will depend on the child’s age, situation and their development. There are a number of approaches that may be used to encourage children and adolescents to express their feelings better. Justina integrates a number of expressive therapies, such as  Humanistic Sandtray therapy, Play Therapy, Puppets and Art.

Reading stories and talking about the feelings of a specific character can also help them understand the emotion and, in turn, encourage them to discuss their own feelings, while drawing, painting or drama can help the child express themselves better. Child counselling and therapy often requires an approach that is away from the formal set up of traditional talking therapies.

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Teenagers may prefer talking therapy, or a mixture of both. This is down to the child and the counsellor, who will discuss the situation together to learn what will be most beneficial. Justina is a specialist in this field and will engage children and adolescents using a collaborative approach tailored to their needs.

Although a range of different approaches may be used for child counselling, the aim of the sessions for both children and adults is the same; to help the individual cope better with their feelings and to enjoy life again.

Justina has been delivering child and adolescent psychological therapies as part of Wolverhampton Council, and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) for a number of years and is now able to offer similar services in the private sector as part of TranceForm’s team here in Wombourne.

Benefits of Child Counselling

Child counselling can help children in coping with everyday worries, such as exam stress, and relationship issues with friends, family members and teachers. Counselling can also help with self-harming concerns, grief, depression and anxiety as well as learning difficulties and behavioural concerns. There is no right or wrong reason to why someone may consider counselling. Sometimes it’s just good to talk to someone objective, other times more guidance may be needed.

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Parents and Family

Child counselling works best when parents/carers are on board. This takes away the pressure from the child that they must do all the work to feel better. Justina works directly with parents to reinforce and strengthen the therapeutic work with children and teenagers. Justina also provides a psychological formulation of the presenting issues, suggestions and recommendations, as well as psycho-education on child and adolescent development to support parents’ understanding. Additional one to one meetings and telephone consultations are offered during child and adolescent therapy.

Common Child Related Problems We Deal With

  • Bullying
  • Learning difficulties
  • Behavioural problems
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bereavement & loss
  • Attachment ‘disorder’
  • Separation anxiety
  • Fears and Phobias
  • School Anxiety

Child Counselling Fees

Child Counselling sessions cost £80 and last approximately 60 minutes and are only available with Dr. Somal.

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