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Professional Hypnotherapy for Life’s Problems in Wolverhampton & the West Midlands

Hypnotherapy is the combination of mental health counselling techniques combined with an altered state of awareness known as hypnosis.

Contrary to what many people believe about hypnotherapy, it is widely accepted within both the medical and psychological fields as an effective evidence-based intervention.

Hypnotherapy often allows clients to access memories and experiences that are stored at the sub-conscious level that they may not even be aware of and this frequently means that hypnotherapy can be highly effective over a shorter number of sessions.

What’s Hypnotherapy Like?

Almost universally people describe the experience of being in the sate of hypnosis as extremely relaxing, calming and empowering.

MRI scans provide clear scientific evidence that hypnosis is a unique and real state in which the areas within the brain responsible for emotions and memories are more active than ‘normal’.

For many people, experiencing hypnotherapy is a bit like ‘day-dreaming’ and so is very pleasant.

People frequently experience what is called ‘time-dilation’ during the hypnotherapy sessions and what is actually an hour can seem like 30 minutes!

Is Hypnotherapy Dangerous?

Hypnotherapy is not dangerous in the least and in fact is a completely normal state of mind that people slip in and out of everyday, even if they are not aware that they are doing so.

Whenever you have an experience when you are multi-tasking (for example driving a car) and your mind is thinking about or focusing on something else, then you are most likely in the state of hypnosis. This is because hypnosis is actually a state of higher awareness (the opposite of sleep) in which your brain is able to perform several things at once without any of the tasks you are engaged in suffering any drop in efficiency.

Is Hypnotherapy Suitable for Everybody?

Although hypnosis itself is a normal state, not everybody enjoys the experience during hypnotherapy sessions. This is particularly true of people who have a very high desire to be ‘in control’ as hypnosis may feel to them like they have to relinquish control to the therapist.

In fact, clients always remain in control of their minds during hypnotherapy and are NOT required to surrender control to anybody in order for the process to be effective.

Overall, it is probably more accurate to say that almost everybody is suitable for hypnotherapy with a few exceptions.

People suffering from psychosis and psychotic conditions may find the experience rather daunting (because of their mental health condition) and should generally steer clear of having hypnotherapy.

What Sort of Problems is Hypnotherapy Suitable For?

Hypnotherapy may be useful for almost any problem which can be classified as psychological in origin.

With the exception of a small number of mental health problems which involve physical neurological pathology, hypnotherapy can be regarded as like any other form of psychotherapy.

Whilst hypnotherapy may not necessarily get to the bottom of all problems, it is highly effective at helping people to manage the physical manifestations of the majority of problems, or what are more commonly known as symptoms.

So, for example, hypnotherapy will not ‘cure’ depression (and in fact neither will anti-depressants) but it may be extremely useful in helping depressed people to cope better with the symptoms that they experience on a daily basis.

Joan & Hypnotherapy

Joan is a qualified hypnotherapist and Essex Institute ‘Gold Standard’ therapist. She originally trained in 2011 and has taken over 30 advanced courses in applied hypnotherapy since that time.

She is also an undergraduate with the Open University studying for a British Psychological Society approved BSc. degree in Psychlogy with counselling.

Inline with our other mental health counselling services, hypnotherapy sessions cost £90 per hour.

Joan also offers a pre-paid block of 6 sessions for £480 which you can purchase on the fees page.

Initial Consultations for Hypnotherapy

Joan offers all prospective clients an initial consultation to discuss your problems and how hypnotherapy may be right for you.

The consultation is free and lasts around 50 minutes.

You can get in touch with her on her mobile: 07434 776504

or e-mail her on to arrange a suitable time with her.

During this consultation sh will discuss the various options that are available to you and make a considered recommendation based on your individual personal circumstances.

At TranceForm Psychology we recognise the importance of the therapeutic relationship in helping people to bring about effective change, so its important to be able to ‘meet’ to discuss our change programmes BEFORE proceeding.

Our policy is to help people make a fully balanced & considered decision about undertaking work with us, including both the financial and personal implications.

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