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Complete Wellness Programme

The Complete Wellness Programme with Joan Lee

How would you like to build a better relationship with yourself? Be able to tap into your body’s natural feelings of calm and wellness?

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If so, welcome to The Complete Wellness Programme, a programme for anyone that would like to experience and learn the many tried and tested techniques for a complete sense of wellness.

Complete Wellness is a programme I have created that blends all that I have studied and learnt about the mind and body connection. Sessions are a combination of Meditation, Hypnosis and Mindfulness, and include many techniques I have practiced and taught over many sessions with my clients over the last 10 years.

All that I share on this programme can work for you, if you let it that is. I always ask a person to allow themselves to relax, to give themselves permission to focus inward, which is of course the mind and body connection.

Complete Wellness is a programme of four one-hour sessions and costs £300.

Please visit the shop to purchase this programme.

Each session is personalised to you and teaches something different that you can take into your everyday life. It is a bit like having your very own mental wellness toolbox that provides a feeling of safety and reassurance.

Just knowing you have the mindset to manage yourself, is a confidence booster in itself, as well as having a healthy self-esteem which is your own evaluation of yourself, your sense of self-worth.

All sessions begin with clearing the mind, kind of easing the mindset into neutral gear, using meditation.

Meditation is a focus of attention that helps you to get out of your own way, resulting in you being able to relax and experience for yourself your very own inner calmness of mind and body working in harmony. The body is responding to a calmer mind, and the mind is responding to a more relaxed body, the loop of wellness.

Hypnosis is at the core of a session. This is where suggestion works perfectly, as the mind is calmer and more receptive to suggestions for your well being.

Here is where you can build on your confidence, boost your sense of self (self-esteem), change any habits of thinking or actions that are not helpful, and replace them with more helpful habits that can help you to feel more in charge, have more energy and in general feel happier and well.

Meditation and hypnosis will bring you into a state of mindfulness, where you are experiencing the moment you are in, the now.  A place where you are not in the past or the future, not feeling down or anxious, you are purely in the moment of now where there are endless possibilities for change.

If you would like to find out more about the complete wellness programme, please feel welcome to get in touch, either by mobile on 07434 776504

or email me on joan@tranceformpsychlogy.com

There is not an initial consultation for this programme as it is designed for anybody who would just like to experience and learn something different.

Contact Joan Lee D. Hyp. MIAEBP

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I also offer a complete programme which combines mindfulness, meditation and hypnotherapy

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Complete Wellness Programme

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