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Post Covid Mental Health Counselling

Mental Health Counselling for Post Covid Mental Health Problems

Covid-19 has had a significantly detrimental effect on people’s physical and mental health for both those hwo have actually had Covid as well as those who have not been diagnosed but have suffered the associated stress and anxiety caused by the virus and the subsequent governmental measures (post coronavirus stress).

Research suggests that people diagnosed with Covid are twice as likely to suffer from mental health problems, particuarly anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder and insomnia, than those not diagnosed (Taquet et al., The Lancet, Nov 2020).

Post Covid Mental Health - Coronavirus Germs Floating in the Air near womans mouth

Post Covid Fatigue has become a recognised condition for those who have had, and recovered, from the disease. This is a component part of what has now been labelled as ‘long covid’. Post covid fatigue comprises both physiological and psychological components.

Bidirectional Effects of Covid

Not only are those diagnosed with Covid more likely to suffer mental health problems, there is also a suggestion that people suffering from mental health issues may also be more susceptible to catching Covid.

There is a well established phenomenon known as psychoneuroimmunology which describes how psychological problems can directly affect the immune system leading to a greater propensity to pick-up illnesses when the immune system is diminished through stress, which may explain why those suffering mental health problems are more likely to become ill with Covid if exposed.

Post Covid Mental Health Problems in the Absence of Diagnosis

You do not have to be diagnosed with Covid to suffer mental health difficulties. Many of the Government restrictions that have been imposed in an attempt to tackle the virus have had serious consequences for many in society.

These may include:

  • Fear of being infected
  • Anger at the loss of liberty
  • Anxiety about the reported moratlity rates of Covid
  • Stress at losing, or potentially losing a job
  • Distrust of society
  • Loss of belief in the government

The negative effects of all of these factors has resulted in the prevalence of mental health problems increasing substantially across the nation with demand for counselling and theapy services reaching unprecedented levels.

Solutions for Post Covid Mental Health Problems

Most of the mental health problems that are associated with the Covid pandemic can be classified as anxiety disorders. The most effective therapeutic tools for dealing with these anxiety disorders  are those based on the principles of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT).

Tranceform offer a highly developed, evidence-based programme of CBT over a ten week period which has been shown to be effective in treating the anxiety-based conditions – read more below.

Post Covid Mental Health with Tranceformental CBT

If you’re committed to overcoming post covid mental health problems then we highly recommend following either our Advanced Tranceformental CBT programme with Paul, or Joan.

Tranceformental CBT is available as Online Therapy if required

The Tranceformental programme is a highly successful & pragmatic psychological training course, run over 10 sessions, that will teach you everything you need to know to understand your problem, identify how unhelpful thinking and limiting beliefs might be reinforcing the issue, and then show you how to make any changes to your unhelpful thinking styles or maladaptive safety behaviours that you may have developed as part of your coping strategies.

Our Tranceformental CBT programme is an evidence-based, research supported approach used by mental health practitioners around the World.

iConfidential Initial Consultations to Discuss Post Covid Mental Health

free initial consultations image - choose your own path

We offer all prospective clients a Confidential initial assessment to chat about your post covid mental health problems. During this 50 minute consultation we will discuss the various options that are available to you and make a considered recommendation based on your individual personal circumstances.

These initial consultations are available as part of our online therapy service

At TranceForm Psychology we recognise the importance of the therapeutic relationship in helping people to bring about effective change, so its important to be able to ‘meet’ to discuss our change programmes BEFORE proceeding.

Our policy is to help people make a fully balanced & considered decision about undertaking work with us, including both the financial and personal implications.

For most mental health problems we recommend following our 10 session Tranceformental CBT Programme to overcome a wide range of mental health and behavioural problems.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a proven, evidence-based form of mental health counselling for developing a fundamental understanding of the dynamics of your problem, but also for learning new coping skills and strategies for sustainable change over your life.

The full course costs £795 which you can pay for on our fees page.

Tranceformental CBT is available On-line as well as a one-to-one format in the clinic.

Visit Online Counselling for more details.

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