Psychology Principles

Psychology is the science of the mind and associated behaviours and includes Social Psychology, the science of human social interaction.

Here at Tranceform Psychology we take a very humanistic approach and recognise that human beings are complex creatures with complex minds and, as such, are capable of both excelling in life as well as being more than capable of creating highly sophisticated thinking patterns that can sometimes lead to very real problems.

We do not subscribe to the psychiatric (bio-medical) model that suggests that most ‘life problems’ are caused by some sort of ‘chemical imbalance’ in the brain that can only be ‘corrected’ by the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

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Bio-Medical Limitations

The problem with this model is that is explicitly suggests that these types of problems have nothing to do with either the way a person ‘thinks’ or the ‘life context’ they have experienced and is somehow located ‘outside’ of the person.

If this ‘brain disorder’ model is considered to be ‘accurate’ then no amount of changing a person’s thinking is ever likely going to bring about a reduction in that symptomology.

Of course, if a person does want to subscribe to the ‘psychiatric model’ then they are, of course, 100% entitled to do so, however, one only has to look at the exponential growth in mental health problems within our society in recent times to reasonably conclude that this approach appears to be less than wholly successful.

We believe, almost exclusively, that a person’s core values and ‘limiting beliefs‘ are the most important factors in determining whether or not they are able to overcome psychological problems or not and so our therapeutic focus is grounded in this approach.