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Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme

THIS PROGRAMME IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE – as an alternative, please visit out page on Tranceformental CBT.

Changing Limiting Beliefs was a paradigm changing approach to dealing with mental health problems and a highly structured programme delivered over approximately 10 weeks.

Changing Limiting Beliefs aimed to help a person understand how their core beliefs and values can sometimes lead to unhelpful ‘rules for living‘ (coping strategies) and ‘unhelpful behaviours‘ and offered practical techniques for changing those unhelpful processes.

A ‘belief’ is a pattern of cognition that allows a person to interpret external events or situations and is also known as a ‘paradigm’ – sometimes these beliefs result in behaviours that have negative impacts and are therefore ‘unhelpful’.

Changing Limiting Beliefs focused attention on belief systems (paradigms) and unhelpful thinking styles that may not be ‘beneficial’ to you and develops an individual strategy to identify and transform these thinking limits into more useful models which subsequently influence a persons external experiences. In other words, by changing your own limiting beliefs you can experience the world in a different way, both intellectually and emotionally!

Changing Limiting Beliefs was a highly effective multi-session coaching programme that could help you to see and evaluate experiences in a new and different way and provided people with the insight and knowledge to achieve all the things in life that you would like to, that may currently seem “out of your reach.”

Both Paul & Joan were trained in Changing Limiting Beliefs by Rob Kelly (Paul – 2009 & Joan 2011) and it is the original programme that developed into the Thrive Programme.

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The Restrictive Realities of Belief is Paul's recently authored self-help book containing everything you need to know about how mental health problems are 'realised' through the socio-cultural beliefs that we acquire over our lifetimes and what you can do to bring about effective change.


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