Psychotherapy for Emetophobia

Fear of Being Sick Wolverhampton

For the last 12 months we have been offering what is probably the most effective way of overcoming Emetophobia ever devised.

Until recently it was widely believed that the Fear of Being Sick was due to some past negative experience, usually in early childhood, that then created this phobia, but it is now thought that this particular problem is both created and reinforced by a small number of personality characteristics combined with a specific set of learned behaviours picked-up in the developmental years.

This is supported by the fact that in almost all cases of Emetophobia, the sufferer has not ACTUALLY been sick for many years and as such, it is difficult to see how the “phobia” can have become worse over the intervening years – it just doesn’t make sense.

Being sick is not what we would call a “pleasant” experience, but the reaction seen in Emetophobic clients is clearly “way out of proportion” to the actual experience – in fact, sufferers have progressively “catastrophised” about the “idea” that being sick is absolutely the worst experience that a person could have – it is this propensity to take the problem out of context (catastrophise) that is one of the principle reasons why some people suffer from the problem, whilst others do not.

The Thrive Programme has now been specifically modified to target these “thinking styles” and “belief systems” that “prop-up” Emetophobia, and in doing so, can almost certainly help sufferers to totally free themselves of the problem.

The fact is that the person created the problem, and by using the correct approach, can also un-create the problem.

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