Welcome to the LOC Attribution Quiz.

Think about each statement with respect to yourself and what you believe is an accurate response TODAY.

Try to be as honest with yourself as you can and resist the temptation to respond with what you think is 'the right answer' or what you 'ought' to put - this tendency to respond in a 'socially acceptable' way is known as social desirability bias which can distort what we really think about things because of a fear about being controversial or 'going against the grain'.

You have to respond to all 44 statements in order to obtain a measurement so you can't miss any out!

You should also be aware of the limitations associated with 'self-administered' tests. When we do these types of test we tend to 'negotiate' with ourselves and are more inclined to answer in a way that represents who we 'want' to be rather than who we really believe we are. This means that the results can vary according to how we feel on any particular day and what has been happening in our lives recently. So, try to take the results as a guide only and NOT as totally definitive.

The statements themselves have been created to provide a good 'internal consistency' which means they have been checked to ensure that they measure what they are supposed to measure.