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Tranceformental CBT Course


10 module course of advanced, beliefs-based CBT programme with Paul, available in-clinic or online using zoom.

This version includes 10 X 1 hour clinical sessions.

Tranceformental CBT is a highly developed course of psychological therapy that focuses on a person's core values and beliefs which influence the way in which experiences are attributed with meanings.

We aim to help clients develop a greater self-awareness by exploring the three most important, core beliefs, that determine how they feel on a daily basis.

Building progressively over 10 modules, Tranceformental CBT is a psycho-educational course that combines the latest understandings drawn from Cognitive and Social Psychology as well as important research insights in Self-Determination Theory, Attribution Theory and Social Constructivism.

The course uses an online portal to provide all of the learning materials which are reviewed during the in-clinic or zoom sessions.

Tranceformental CBT is particularly suitable for anxiety disorders, addictive behaviours, anger management problems and stress but has also been shown to useful for those suffering from depression-related issues.

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