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Stop Smoking Programme

Stop Smoking Applied Psychology Programme in Wolverhampton

Our Stop Smoking Programme is based on scientific research and utilises applied psychology to help you to both understand and then change the way you ‘think’ about your habit.

By changing your fundamental ‘beliefs’ about ‘nicotine addiction’ and other non-scientific ‘myths’ you will learn how to develop a more internal sense of self-efficacy and be able to stop smoking as a result.

Thrive as a Non Smoker

Our Stop Smoking programme follows the principles outlined in Rob Kelly’s ‘Thrive as a Non Smoker’ which in itself is based on the scientific principles used so successfully in the Thrive Programme.

Thrive helps a person to identify ‘limiting beliefs‘ that may be inadvertently ‘supporting’ problems in a person’s life, and by learning how to manage these limiting beliefs more effectively, can overcome a very wide range of problems.

The habit of smoking is NO different to any other problem that is based on ‘distorted’ beliefs and so can also be ‘overcome’ by following a programme based on these scientific principles.

In addition, everything we think we know about ‘Addiction’ has been called into question. Watch the video on the Addictions page from TED talks.

Thrive Stop Smoking Workbook
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Stop Smoking Programme Overview

Our Stop Smoking Programme takes place over two separate sessions, each designed to help you develop a thorough and practical understanding of the reasons (1) why you smoke, and (2) why you think it’s difficult to stop smoking.

Once you have developed a deep understanding about your own particular ‘limiting beliefs’ regarding your smoking habit, you will be well prepared to actually stop smoking.

Our programme is designed to change the way you THINK about smoking BEFORE you actually stop smoking.

We will focus on THREE crucial areas of your thinking:

1. Why do you think that you smoke?

2. Why you REALLY smoke

3. Thriving as a non-smoker

Research shows that getting to grips with these three concepts can hep you to develop the resources necessary to finally stop smoking for good.

How Much Does the Stop Smoking Programme Cost?

The programme costs £299 and includes three hours of face-to-face time at the clinic as well as a copy of the Thrive as a Non-Smoker workbook which you will use throughout the process.

You can pay for your course using the secure PayPal button below:

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