Stop Smoking Psychology
Thrive Programme to Stop Smoking
Continuing with the amazing success of the Thrive Programme, the latest evolution of the system targets the thinking styles and beliefs that keep smokers going back time and again for “that last cigarette”.

Fully backed-up by scientific research, this stop smoking programme takes place over one, two or three sessions (depending on how internal your Locus of Control is) and systematically helps you to understand and then modify your cognition to stop smoking once and for all.

It has been revealed that Nicotine is not in fact an addictive chemical and that the evidence used to come describe it as such, is tenuous at best!

Rather, our belief systems have been “programmed” by the sheer volume of media that tells us that it is addictive – including the vast majority of the medical fraternity. (indeed, most of the research that proposes the addictive model was paid for by the tobacco companies!)

Smokers, in fact, have a smoking “mind-set” that props-up the belief that they MUST smoke, but this is just another belief system, NOT a fact.

Most smokers know somebody who has quit easily and never went back to smoking so how is this possible? Were they “less addicted” to the nicotine that the next person?

If one thinks about it with enough clarity, it must be obvious that the “level” of dependency is harboured inside each “individual” rather than being an inherent characteristic of the chemical itself! – and is this is true, then why can’t a person learn to develop those same “less dependent” characteristics?