Weight Loss
14 year old girl at 17 stone – Helped with the Blowaway Technique
Just before Christmas I contacted Joan in the hope she could help my 14 yr old granddaughter who has a weight problem & who had become seriously overweight.

We had, in the past, taken her to her doctor who then had referred her to a consultant and after several test procedures and two years of constant strict dieting failed to help her and then dismissed her problems as “genetic”…. “take her home and love her” is what we were told!

Then the bullying started and in order to cope with this and the usual teenage growing up problems she began to “comfort” eat and it began a circle that needed to be broken. She started to become withdrawn and would sometimes fly into rages, say horrible things & she started to say she wished she was dead and threatened to commit suicide.

She would put bruises on her arms and all the family were at our wits end.

So i read on the internet about Joan and took my grandaughter along for an initial consultation, i was very impressed right from the start with how Joan welcomed us to the centre and although my granddaughter was very nervous and scared I saw she liked Joan.

She talked to both of us to try to get a picture of what was going on in my grand-daughters life and to my amazement she told Joan everything!! She was very professional in her approach & was warm and understanding and at the end she said yes I am sure that I can help and if you want me to i can most certainly do my best.

So we set up a session which took place just before Christmas. We both attended the session which was one of the best experiences I have had in a long time just wonderful !!

After the session was over I noticed a difference in her right away she seemed much more relaxed on the way home she just talked and talked where usually on would go her earphones and she would withdraw.

We noticed her appetite had decreased she no longer wanted to eat just for the sake of it, she did not crave chocolate and crisps and over the past weeks several people have commented on how she is losing weight!

She keeps in touch with Joan via Facebook and i know we can take her back if we need to but right now she is doing fine and i along with the rest of the family don’t know how to thank Joan……
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