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What Our NHS Clients Said About Tranceform’s Well Being Training & Courses.

Working with Tranceform in Our Organisation

NHS Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG is an organisation that prides itself in looking after its staff and developing them; both with the skills to do their job and the tools to be resilient.

In 2018 we trialed the Thriving at Work programme in two ways:

  1. Small group introductions to the programme (Me Myself & I, Surviving v Thriving and Creating a Line of Sight
  2. One to one attendance on the 10 week programme (Thriving at Work)

We could not have predicted the phenomenal response to these programmes and the positive impact it has had for our staff and our organisation.

With a large scale launch of the programmes, the feedback and recommendations spoke for themselves and requests to attend the programme grew beyond our expectations and became the hallmark of our positive and proactive support for staff.

The personal programme has supported our staff in a number of ways; confidence, resilience, proactive self-care, ability to challenge themselves and the organisation in a positive way.

The wider impact of the personal development has meant that there is a critical mass of staff who are able to lead others, both formally and informally, in a way that has ensured that we have a resilient workforce that can approach thinking to challenges in a different way – solution based, positive impact and resilient.

Most notably the Thriving at Work programme has become the first proactive well being programme that staff are accessing before going into personal crisis, this means that staff are personally looking after themselves and proactively accessing support in a way that enables them to shift thinking before the stresses of life and work becomes unmanageable – which has also enabled them to support others to do the same.

I cannot recommend enough this programme and Paul himself to support any organisation which recognises the importance of its people at the heart of its success.

Alice McGee

Director of HR & OD, Black Country & West Birmingham NHS CCGs

SWBCCG Individual Feedback

How has Thriving at Work (TW) helped you in your job?

Thriving at Work has completely changed my mindset on how I view the world, my job, my colleagues, my family and most of all myself. 

It turned the spot light onto me and as a ‘people pleaser’ that is something that was completely out the norm. 

It has built my confidence at work and I feel that I not only have a voice but a valid voice. 

If I have something to say I will say it.  If I have an opinion or an idea, I will share it. 

 am less tolerant of unnecessary drama now and of the mood hoovers (we all know some). 

I am more resilient now than ever before, which can only be a good thing in the current work climate.

Outside of the workplace, has the programme helped you in your personal life at all?

Thriving at Work has definitely pushed me to try new things and to stop procrastinating  so much.  A

s a perfectionist (not a good thing!), I find it easier to let things go now.  I have held on to stuff for years and for what? 

Resolve if you can…let it go if you can’t. 

I am also more mindful in the language I use with my family and how I am at home.  In the past, as a perfectionist (again not always a good thing), I can recall instances of my unrealistic and control freak levels of high expectations.  I believe that those nearest and dearest to me can see a new and improved, chilled out me.

In terms of both quality and usefulness, how would you rate Thriving at Work against other development courses you have done?

Seriously, Thriving at Work has changed my life. My advice to anyone embarking on this journey, is embrace it, keep yourself open to it and be honest with yourself and true to yourself whilst working through it. Read, read and read your workbook (and feel free to deface it).You will get out what you put in.

Finally, can you add a few comments about how you found Paul’s ‘style’ of delivery and what is was like working with him.

Paul was a breath of fresh air. I actually valued the banter and the frequent use of bad language, by myself and by Paul. I definitely felt at ease and no topic of conversation or discussion of my personal traits or my opinions were out of bounds.  Paul tailored the programme to me personally, asking all the right questions and pushing all the right buttons to enable me to take a long hard look at myself. 

TW can definitely take you to some dark places, but out of darkness comes light!!!

Rachel Conway

Data Officer, Sandwell & West Birmingham CCG

SWBCCG Individual Feedback

Working through the programme has helped me understand that some of the beliefs I had were having a limiting effect on my life and preventing me from achieving my goals.

Believing that I was not ‘good enough’, that I had arrived at where I was by chance and other external factors was having a negative impact on my confidence and self-esteem.

I often used to think that the worst-case scenario is the most likely to happen and I would spend time brooding over it which created unnecessary anxiety for myself.

I am now able to recognise my limiting beliefs and unhelpful thinking styles, I can turn them around into something more positive and have more internal control.

Learning to Thrive at Work has changed the way I view the world and is a fantastic technique which will continue to improve both my work and personal life.

My team are also working through the programme which is adding benefit to us all as we are sharing our experiences and encouraging each other to always Thrive.

Adele Hickman

Head of Contracts, Sandwell & West Birmingham CCG

SWBCCG Individual Feedback

Thriving at Work has helped me enormously in both my work and personal life and I could not praise both the programme and Paul enough!

At work when I start to get stressed, I think about my course and all I have learnt and I can logically find a way to calm myself down and cope with the arising issue.

Outside of work, the Thriving at Work course made me believe in myself that I can truly achieve anything and that has lead me to studying a Veterinary course to enable me to embark on a career that I have a true passion for.

It has also helped to reduce my social anxiety by learning me to re-evaluate the thoughts that come with social events and life in general.

Without the support of Paul and the programme, I would never had had the confidence or belief to take on a course such as Veterinary. 

I truly believe I would still think that I was limited in my abilities and plod along in life had it not been for Paul’s listening and questioning of beliefs which turned out to be learnt not my personal thoughts and beliefs.

I would recommend Thriving at Work a thousand percent as it really has changed my life and outlook.

Rachael Bagley

Data Officer, Sandwell & West Birmingham CCG

SWBCCG Individual Feedback

I completed the Thriving at Work programme after taking on extra responsibilities within my current role, which involved line managing staff, producing reports and statistics, which at times was very stressful.  

Completing the programme enabled me to believe in myself and my capabilities.  

I was a “my glass is half empty” kind of person but now due to the learning styles within the programme I am the opposite.

The programme helped me to take perspective of things, both at work and in my personal life and helped me think differently towards life and situations.

At times the course and the delivery of the chapters within the book made me look at “why” I felt the way I did and “what” factors contributed to my style of thinking, some conversations were emotional and very deep but once I had completed the course I understood why we had to look deeper into things that happened to me in my past.

Mrs 'R'

Office Admin/Management, Sandwell & West Birmingham CCG

SWBCCG Individual Feedback

In February 2018 I was experiencing anxiety and after a few weeks of trying different methods to help relief this I finally went to the doctors and was labelled as ‘depressed’ and given antidepressants to help with my symptoms.

I was referred to Paul to complete the ‘Thriving at Work Programme’ through my work, I was very keen to look after myself and not be on antidepressants for the rest of my life.

Within 3 weeks of starting the programme I had already noticed the difference in myself and became to realise that I wasn’t depressed and that I was putting too much pressure on myself.

The Thriving at Work Programme and Paul helped me to realise that it’s ok to have blips and to be kind to myself, I’m now off antidepressants and have been for over 12 months. This is something that I never thought I would achieve and was a limiting belief for me, thank you to the Thrive Programme and Paul for teaching me to change my limiting beliefs!

I now have the coping skills to respond to work and home life situations better and to not become stressed as I have done previously. Thriving at Work has taught me to manage my limiting beliefs and to challenge unhelpful thinking styles to THRIVE!

I have been to counselling previously and taken part in other resilience courses but none of these compare to Thrive and how it has helped me in my life, I would recommend everyone to complete Thrive as I think everyone can gain something from it!

I would also like to thank Paul for how he delivers the Thriving at Work Programme, he really goes out of his way to make sure you gain something from the programme!

Sarah Billingham

HR Manager, Sandwell & West Birmingham CCG

SWBCCG Individual Feedback

The Thriving at Work Programme for me has had a massive impact on my life. In the past I have had different help with my mental health, but the programme is the only one that has helped me as this is not a “quick fix” or a magic pill but it aims to change the way you think and perceive yourself.

This for me has helped in the way I interact with people I work with, the clients I deal with and the pressures that come with an ever-changing working environment.

I feel that the Thriving at Work Programme has given me the “tools” within myself to be able to think and react more clearly and be able to be more confident in the way I work and in my general life.

When I first started the programme, I knew I wanted to be the best of me, the person i once was, I knew I had lost a lot of confidence over the years and wanted that back. What I’ve got is the best version of me. The programme has shown me how a change in thinking can change the way you see yourself and the things around you.

For me the journey from sat being a crying wreck in week one (didn’t know where it came from!) to going to a much happier person by week three and by week ten the person I feel I am today , and continue to be.

Thriving at Work is not a miracle cure nor a quick fix its about you and your desire to change, it requires work and the want to help yourself, it is about the commitment you put into the programme to get the very best out of it.

It is about learning new ways of thinking and how this can impact on your life. For me this has been the best I’ve been mentally and yes, I have days when I don’t feel too good or happy but I know these won’t last and I now have the knowledge and skills to cope with this.

I cannot thank Paul enough for this brilliant service that he and his business offer and for the way I feel today, for giving me, in a sense a new life and a new me.

Debbie Taylor

Data Officer, Sandwell & West Birmingham CCG

SWBCCG Individual Feedback

The Thriving at Work Programme has been useful as it gave me an insight to my limiting beliefs, by understanding these enabled me make changes to my mindset that encouraged performance in my work and personal life.

Such as I feel like, I have the ability to make a contribution to meetings and challenge whereas previously I would think my contribution is not required.

In addition to this I feel a lot more confident in myself at work and in my personal life.

The style in which the programme is delivered by using relevant examples to myself proved to be effective as when I identify a limiting belief or unhelpful thinking style, I am able to recall our conversation thus turn it around to something that is helpful.

I would highly recommend this programme as you will view yourself in a much different light.

Aqib Afzal

Contracts Manager, Sandwell & West Birmingham CCG

SWBCCG Individual Feedback

I attended the Thriving at Work Programme from September to December 2018 and what a life changing programme this has proved to be for me!

The programme made me rethink my approach to every aspect of my life. I worked hard during the programme reading the accompanying book and completing all my homework.

Work wise rather than fixating on the things that didn’t always go to plan, I re-focussed on the vast majority which did. This thought process developed even further and I (for the 1st time) I acknowledged my ability, the achievements I had made and the opportunities I wanted to seek in the future.

I have now changed my career path, studied and passed further exams (and continue to do so). I no longer seek perfection or approval from others, I simply work hard and do my best and remember that ‘You don’t need to be perfect to be amazing’ this is now my mantra. (Thanks Paul for this statement I now share this with others!)

In March 2019 I faced a life changing event in my personal life, the Thriving at Work Programme really came into its own. Single after 31 years with two young-adult children, as hard as this period I was well equipped with the tools (Thrive knowledge and skills) to  continue thriving. The realisation became clear pretty quickly that the majority my unhelpful thinking habits had actually gone too, this was replaced with visualising positive outcomes and a massive increase in my self-esteem.

Paul’s style was very different to anything I have experienced.  I attended my 1st session expecting a couch, maybe having to reflect on childhood experiences, there is none of that at all (thank goodness)!

The sessions are very positive, proactive, (few swear words too) Paul has such a talent in questioning and challenging you that following every session I felt so excited in addresses some of the beliefs I had held all of my life, some of which were complete nonsense. I have a new sense what is real and tangible.

Thank you Paul I can honestly say that I am healthier, happier and more successful than I have ever been.

Sharon Wood

PMO Coordinator, Sandwell & West Birmingham CCG

SWBCCG Individual Feedback

I found the Thriving at Work Programme very helpful.

When I attended the programme I would come and talk to you and walk away with completely changed perspective.

Thriving at Work has definitely had an impact on me and the way I look at things or do things have certainly changed.

I am more relaxed and think very differently, knowing that worrying about things will not change anything as somethings are beyond my control or power.

I have also had feedback from friends who know me well that I have changed and look at things differently.

I don’t let work or people get to me anymore.

Mrs 'L'

Technician, Sandwell & West Birmingham CCG

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